By Glenn Bowers

Businesses around the world are using robots to modernize operations.

Every company is a technology company. Innovation is what keeps companies nimble, progressive, and efficient. Robots have been the symbol of futurism for generations — and the truth is that the future is now. The robots are here.

Take healthcare, for example. Companies like OhmniLabs and Monogram are developing robots for everything from telepresence to robotic surgical assistants. The pandemic has also introduced a new wave of robotics for office and retail spaces. We are seeing more remote telepresence with robots roaming warehouses, checking barcodes, counting inventory, checking on patients, and even sanitizing workspaces.

A recent report…

By: Jim Darrin, CEO

I am excited to announce today that Valence has joined the 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab) ecosystem as a Technical Partner. This is an incredibly important milestone for the company given our focus on the next decade of digital transformation. Since the beginning, Valence has operated under the belief that yes, “software is eating the world” and that every company, enterprise, non-profit — you name it — will both feel the impact but more importantly be able to embrace this ongoing transformation.

Our three-prong thesis is simple: the trend of (1) increasingly capable cloud…

By Steven Fiore

For the last few years “Digital Transformation” has been the buzzword du jour. Behind the phrase itself, was a fundamental desire for businesses to innovate in the digital age and there are plenty of statistics demonstrating why:

56% of CEOs say digital improvements have led to increased revenue.

Digitally mature companies are 23% more profitable than their less mature peers.

Digital-first companies are 64% more likely to achieve their business goals than their peers.

The problem is innovation can be confusing and disruptive, contributing to some more disturbing statistics like:

Of the $1.3 trillion spent on digital…

By Greg Shaw

With the dramatic shift for entire companies and industries to work remotely, we have identified some common challenges or pitfalls that may occur. It’s important to realize the current situation is very different from team members working remotely occasionally or even part of a team working remotely. The undefined timeline of entirely remote workplace environments means we need to consider each aspect of the development strategy from a new angle: from ideation, to agile work streams to deployment.

This article highlights some of the learnings we have found to be helpful at Valence and around the industry…

By Chaitra Nerurkar, with valuable contributions from Nadir Hashmi

The phrase Digital Transformation is commonly used today, referring to everything from an overhaul of a legacy system — to leveraging online systems to engage with customers. As champions of digital transformation, our team at Valence believes in the power of smartly planned and efficiently executed digital transformations to enhance business strategy; we believe that digital transformation is a driving cornerstone of business today. However, it is imperative that individuals understand the definition, the potential impact as well as the processes that lead to success.

[ Digitization ←> Digitization ←> Digital Transformation ] + People

Effective Digital Transformation: How do we think about it?

Effective digital transformation puts business strategy…

By Renee Christensen

Now that we are firmly immersed in 2020, what digital technology trends are gaining traction as necessities to future success? With businesses facing many external challenges, every company can use an edge in understanding where to invest their resources for the future. The elephant in the room to address is obviously the economic impact of COVID-19 but there are other challenges to keep in mind as well such as the compounding impacts of climate change, the re-hashing of global trade agreements, and the growing consumer-income gap.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Daniel Newman, a contributor to Forbes Magazine, recently called out several…

By Jaime Swindle

Our team is excited to showcase our recent Virtual Reality (VR) project designed and developed for Nestlé Purina on Oculus’s breakthrough tether-less headset, the Oculus Quest. We partnered with Nestlé Purina to create a VR training application that enables their colleagues to experience virtual tours of their factories and immerses them in a high fidelity 360-degree environment that takes them step-by-step through the manufacturing process.

Nestle Purina Case Study — Virtual Reality Factory Tour

By providing a VR factory tour at new staff orientations, Nestlé Purina was able to asynchronously train employees, maintain the manufacturing staff’s focus…

By Ben Parkison and Greg Shaw

Last month, Oculus and Nestle Purina showcased our work at the Oculus Connect 6 Conference (aka: OC6) which we attended in San Jose CA.

OC6 opened with a Keynote by Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. In this opening, Mark shared why he believes Virtual Reality is the universal computing platform everyone will use in the future. Here are some important takeaways we noted from our time at OC6.

Empathy Training Using VR

Through the research and understanding of what makes a great connected human experience, Oculus is finding ways to apply the three…

By Glen Lewis

In the March 13th Harvard Business Review article “Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology,” the authors outlined “Five Key Lessons” that helped them lead their organizations through successful digital transformations. Lesson #2 stated:

Organizations that seek transformations…frequently bring in an army of outside consultants who tend to apply one-size-fits-all solutions in the name of “best practices.” …our…organizations [approach was] to rely instead on insiders — staff who have intimate knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in their daily operations” (Behnam Tabrizi, 2019).

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

I would offer that using consultants is not a poor idea — using the…

By Yuri Brigance

This year’s TC Robotics & AI conference had all the proof we need that consumer robotics, powered by the latest Machine Learning science, is quickly becoming a booming industry with lots of investor interest behind it. New ML architectures and techniques are coming out almost every month. It was interesting to see how these algorithms are being utilized to create a new wave of consumer tech, as well as large numbers of service offerings springing up to make ML more user friendly.

Image Credit:

There are two particular trends that are very noticeable in this new and growing ecosystem…


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